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The Sound Makers Productions

An award-winning music production company specializing in original compositions for commercials, TV and film scores. We create sounds that range from innovative experimental tunes to poppy melodies; all custom made personally as an integral part of the character design for each project.

Ran Shem Tov

Owner / Composer / Producer

Ran is one of the leading music producers and mixers in Israel. His kick (some say, disorder) is collecting quirky and rare vintage sound equipment treasures from around the globe. The combination between his ability to perfect a single beat in a tune for decades (a standard human ear won't know the difference between the versions), and yet produce a perfect high-end bespoke track for an ad in a few hours is quite not easy to process. 

Shiri Hadar

Owner / Composer / Creative Director

Shiri is the heart behind TSMP: the spiritual heart, to be exact. In addition to having the sharpest and most hit-alerted ear in the middle east, she reads the lunar phases to make the musical journeys align with the universe (look at the moon: is it waxing? if it is, it's probably time to make a new spot).

The Team

Gal Lev

Music Supervisor / Producer / Composer

In between studio sessions, Gal holds a career as a renowned actor (to say the truth, though he might be too humble to admit it: he's a teen idol). With a decade of experience in music production for Film, TV and Theatre and mastering 8 musical instruments (ladies: he knows his way with the Clarinet), Gal's works are eclectic, multi-genres gems.

BTW, he's Italian and cooks. Just saying. 

Shiri Davidovitch

Creative Director / Operations Manager

Yes, another Shiri (it gets quite confusing from time to time): Shiri d, a student for electronic music production and psychology, is a creature that feeds herself on new electronic and ambient tunes. Yung would probably have said that these are her Archetypes.

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